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Natural Dyeing workshop for Kinfolk Gathering Tauranga

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 A long lunch between the walls of ficus and beside wood fires, the outrageously pretty Ataahua was the perfect spot for the ‘Under the Surface’ Kinfolk Gathering. The talented Shaye from On My Hand is most definitely the hostess with the mostess. She has styling and executing  down to the last detail. Root vegetable centrepiece,  plantable menus and amazing raw honey from fellow Kinfolk host ( & equally talented babe ) Unna of The Forest Cantina. I teamed up with my go to gals The Fabric Store and hand dyed furoshiki as well as gifting instructions and linen for their very own project.

Fancy NZ Design Blog_Kinfolk Tauranga Gathering_Bubblerock016

Photo no.3 by Blackbird, All others by Bubblerock

Delicious meals by Nadine from Devour Catering, Made even more beautiful by food stylist Aimee from Hope & Organic and hitting that sweet spot with Danielle from Spongedrop. And all captured by dynamic duo Bubblerock. By golly it was good.

If you would like to see more images than mostly my BRF mug head over to HERE to Fancy! Design blog.

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The beauty of this place is so overwhelming, so grand, and so vast. From the almost inhabitable land, to the lush bush to the towering mountains. I want to go back.

There truly is nothing like being in the depths of this great country to get perspective.

And, yes, that second photo of me at the edge of the waterfall is when I got a little vertigo.

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National Park

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If you ever get the chance to visit Tongariro National Park. Go. Do it. You will in no way regret it.

Last weekend the husband and I had the pleasure of a long weekend in the crisp air. Celebrating six years of marriage, six years of  the good, the great, and the heartbreaking. No tv, no work, just  us, the fresh air, the mountains, incredible vistas in a dinky wee cabin with a fire place and of course a scruffy wee Frankie. Utter perfection.

Along with the above ( Plus copious amounts of cheese, crackers and wine ) there was a fair bit of picture taking, Here is the first of two installments.


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Home & Away

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Unlike previous summers, we spent most of ours at home. We usually spend the summer in a bit of a mad rush between families and friends, never really feeling like we have had a break. So with this in mind we thought we would stick around, spending our days in a balance of renovations and swimming in the river.

We headed north to visit my parents in the new year, it’s quieter and feels more like home at that time of year.  It never really feels like summer until I am swimming in the Northland waters.

And now to get back to ‘normal’ and get stuck into 2015!!

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