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THE SCHOOL // Auckland

The weekend just past was spent in some rather good company.

The School made it’s way over the ditch to come teach us a thing or two.
Of course the glorious Megan Morton, the founder was there, and ever hilarious Sophie the stylist.

I attended the Kara Rosenlund Vignettes course and the Stephanie Somebody instagram debunked course. All pretty darn brilliant, All equally worthy of the babe title.

Meeting so many interweb pals in real life, sheesh. Babes, babes as far as the eyes could see.  An absolute gathering of goodness.

They are all a bunch of bloody talented women, who have mastered their art and I won’t see much else, except it you every get the chance. Go.

Think I may need to head to over soon for a few more.

Until next time.

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WORK // Empire Hair Tailor shoot

Hair // Andy from Empire Hair Tailor

Photography //  Heather from Heather Liddell Photography

Styling  //  Me from Here

Models //  Polly, Joe, Rikki, Trieste

Make up // Tanya from Hello Tanya

Clothing from : p u b l i c l i b r a r y & Stylist own.

You may remember a while back I posted a “behind the Scenes “ of a photo shoot that I styled for. Well here are the final images taken by Heather. And I must say, they are pretty bangin’. No surprises there.

 And here is a reason that I only go to Andy for my hair, He is a bit a of a pro, simple but dreamy hair. Well done Andy, Well done team.

Until next time.

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Meet The Velvet Regime.

 I met up with these boys and Parachute Music a while ago, to give them a bit of a re-vamp and a photo shoot. Working with Andy from Empire Hair Tailor, We gave them a new smooth cut, chucked them in some gear and got too it.

These kids are bloody talented, hilarious and rather lovely. An absolute pleasure to work with.

Go have a listen to them HERE

Cheers boys.

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