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Welcome to a new series called Home Comforts!
It will be a chance for you to rubber neck at some well-formed homes, and who doesn’t want to do that?
To head us off we have a dear friend of mine. Heather Hale.  Heather and I spent our adolescent summers climbing rocks and chasing boys.  We headed separate ways for a while reconnecting older and wiser, and as kindred as ever.  Some people you are just made to be friends with.  Sitting in a sunny little street in Auckland you will find the Hale home.  Husband Michael at work on his bike, their daughter Heidi Pearl by Heather’s side who is undoubtedly rearranging something,  hanging new wallpaper or banging a hole in a wall.  That was always something we had in common.  The bug for incessant change.

Heather is a style master.  A guru in all that is lux and lavish.  She has an eye for mixing old and new and brings femininity into her home in such a constant and sophisticated way.  It is warm, and it is inviting, and you are never without a glass of rose in-hand.
It is my kind of place.

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Although her home may be the one on show today, Heather’s personal style is up for grabs. She is a bangin’ and sought after personal fashion stylist. You can contact her here

CORNERS // goodbye home

IMG_4458 IMG_4462 IMG_4469 IMG_4478 IMG_4491 IMG_4497 IMG_4500 IMG_4505

I don’t think I ever get that used to moving. Although now I am somewhat of a professional.

The Husband and I have moved five times over the last four years. We are yet to stay in a home for a year. And here we are, a mere five months after moving into our current abode we are packing again. But this time for a bigger move. Into our own home, and down to the Hawkes bay. We say it will be for a while, but we have said that every move. Suckers for punishment, or adventures in opportunity. Either way, here we go again.

So as I do every time I leave, I document, I take not of the little things that I love and the things I will miss. See more of our home HERE

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Homestyle Magazine

Trying to keep my mouth shut about something as exciting as this has been incredibly hard. But the day has come! I can tell you! Homestyle featured our home in the lastest issue! A big old spread about the husband and I and our house at the time! We had to move from here only a few months ago, and sheesh it makes me miss it!

So go get a copy to read the interview and see all the photos!! Or subscribe HERE

Thanks Homestyle.x

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MAKE IT // Leather handles

Hands up if you rent? Hands up if your rental is pretty darn ugly? Hands up if you don’t really want to fork out loads of cash, but you don’t know if you will survive all the ugliness?

I hear you. And so does Almost Makes Perfect. ( If you haven’t been reading her blog, you reaaaally should. She is pretty cool if you ask me. And instructions for this DIY are HERE) And here is the answer. Leather pull straps. So.Easy.

Okay, maybe it was really easy because I bought the stuff and then handed it over to the husband. But even if it’s not the easiest, it is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying new handles. So there.

I used leather I got from Lapco and brass screws from Bunnings.

Done! No more ugly handles! Phew.

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P.s That husband ah. Bit of a babe.